Current Affairs Of April 2020 download pdf

Current Affairs Of April 2020 download pdf

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This is the story of a father. He was a clerk in a private firm. Runs a house out of salary and saves as much as possible. He had a daughter. Do everything for the daughter, yet be careful not to incur the wrong expense. Sometimes it happens to the daughter that the father lives only by counting. At times, he even wondered, 'Does Dad have to save so much?' He didn't even spend anything for himself! The daughter grew up. Her marriage was decided.Current Affairs of April At the wedding, the father said to his daughter, "Son, say whatever you want." Whatever you want to do in marriage, take everything with you. No idea of ​​the cost! The daughter wondered if the father who used to do all the calculations now said that he didn't care about the expenses? Not staying with the daughter, he asked lightly, not really worrying about the cost? Hugging his daughter, the father said, "Yes, son, don't think." Everything you have done so far has been done for you. The only wish was that the daughter should not feel deprived in marriage. The purpose of my life was to be able to fulfill all your desires. Everything I have done so far is only for you!Current Affairs of April The daughter clung to her father and cried. "I have often felt that my father was stingy," he said. Little did I know that all these miseries were to fulfill my desires.

Current Affairs Of April 2020 download pdf

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